Established in 2005 in the Costa Blanca


Stables and turnouts

Stables and Paddocks


our stables with paddocks

marina alta, costa blanca, ondara offer a wide range of horses are available for lessons and hacks, catering for beginners to advanced riders. Stable management and specialised training courses available. All teaching staff employed are qualified. Opening hours are 08:00 a.m until 14:00 pm weekdays and weekends. closed Mondays. 


Riding School Options

first time on a horse or pony can be scarey….but the 1st lessons are generally on a lead rein for the smaller children…so they an get confidence and not feel they are riding alone…when they feel comfortable the lear rein comes off but we walk alongside so we are still close by…and slowly slowly they build up to being able to ride in a group lesson with the instructor in the middle…all of our lessons include a little stable management too…its not just about the riding…its the care and grooming of the horses before and after..and yes this does include picking up poop (with a poopscoop and a broom) if your horse or pony happens to make a mess….


adult beginner lessons are started off with a gentle aproach, again the 1st time on a living breathing animal will be just as scarey for an adult as a child…but once you have the hang of it you forget tot be scared and start to enjoy what a wonderful experience it is to be on a horse…

if your are returning to riding after some time off…the nice thing is once your back in the saddle you dont seem to forget…its like riding a bike…and the enjoyment and pleasure of riding brings out the best in people and makes you feel at one with nature…

already a rider?? well come and enjoy the sunshine and horses, we have lots of activities and plenty of treks for all levels…

if your a horse owner, we can offer a livery service for geldings or stallions…(sorry no mares) our livery price includes use of all the facilities a 20 x 30 floodlit sandschool, a 20 x 60 dressage area, a cross country course, why not come and have a look around…

Riding School Pricing

 Adult 2hr hack €45
Adult 1 hr lesson €30
Child 1 hr lesson/hack £25
Child 2 hrs PC inc riding £35
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